About - Natasha St. Michael


Natasha is special. Health-wise, she has been through it all!! Born with a hole in her heart, she had open-heart surgery at the young age of five and a half years old. Into her teens and twenties she had one serious health problem after another including a rare bone disease in her hip, pre-cancer of the cervix, and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (to name a few!). Some may look at Natasha's health history as 'bad luck,' but to Natasha it was an opportunity to use non-traditional healing methods and nutrition to show the world that you can heal yourself naturally. To the astonishment of many doctors, family and friends, Natasha made the impossible possible, she healed herself, over and over again!!!

Since her early childhood, Natasha intuitively knew the importance of a healthy lifestyle. At the age of twelve years old her journey into exploring natural health started when she became a vegetarian. Over the next twenty plus years Natasha has studied many healing modalities from nutrition to meditation-- knowing that vibrant health comes from a good diet, a fit body, a happy spirit and a balanced mind.

In recent years, Natasha started experimenting with different diets. When she encountered the raw food diet three and a half years ago, she decided to try it out for a couple of weeks. What had begun as an experiment, turned into a lifestyle, and Natasha has been on a raw food diet ever since!! For many years prior to going raw, Natasha was constantly tweaking her wholefood vegetarian diet- she tried being a vegan, she omitted processed sugars and starches and she even cut out all wheat gluten from her diet-- but nothing gave her the results that the raw food diet gave her.

Increased energy, mental alertness, clear skin, refreshed sleep, weight loss, self-confidence, happiness-- these are just a few effects Natasha experienced in just the first month of going on a raw food diet! She glowed and everyone wanted to know what she was doing!!!! She constantly had people approaching her for coaching and diet & lifestyle advice, and what was once a hobby, later became a career.

Not only does Natasha love helping people with their diet, but she also loves to prepare food and 'un-cook' beautiful raw meals. Using all her talents, Natasha coaches people to radiant wellness and weight loss, teaches raw food un-cooking classes (personal and group classes), hosts a monthly 10 Day Juice Fasting Program and a 7 Day Raw Food Challenge and even has a raw food video blog that streams short videos over the internet 5 nights a week!!

Natasha's passion is health and wellness. Her motivation comes from knowing that anything is possible and that there is nothing more fulfilling then seeing people reach their fullest potential.