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Dear Subscribers,

I am so excited to announce my new website Radiance Central! It has been a long time coming!

The idea for Radiance Central was born one year after I created Raw Radiant Health. As you can already tell, I love making videos and teaching people about nutrition and optimal living. I love motivating, inspiring and educating people, and I want to do more! I have always found that the raw food lifestyle attracts people who are already well along their path to good health – what I would call the “advanced health enthusiasts”! Most people getting into raw foods already know the detrimental effects of the processed food that has tainted our food supply. They already know first hand how having a diet of fresh, wholesome, living foods not only makes one feel good, but makes one start living good! However, unfortunately, the majority of the population is still living in the dark addicted to sugar, junk food, fast food and refined foods, completely unaware of, or lacking, the tools required to make healthy adjustments to their diet and lifestyle. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I was inspired to create an online resource for those just starting out on their health path, getting back to basics, and learning about their options without necessarily having to follow one particular diet.

You all know I love talking about food and nutrition! I have many other passions as well, including: natural skin care, personal development, and taking one’s life as far as it can go – reaching unlimited happiness and lifestyle fulfillment. It has been my strongest desire to create a website and video blog that encompasses all these topics and is about finding a good life balance – not only about foodbut also about the other elements that help lead to personal happiness and the fulfilment of one’s potential. I am excited because with Radiance Central I will do that very thing! My goal is to create a website focussed oneverything radiant”, not just food!

What will happen to Raw Radiant Health? Will I continue making videos for Raw Radiant Health and hosting the online programs? Well, at first I was planning to keep both websites going, but, as you all know, a year ago I made the announcement that I had decided to add animal products to my diet due to a severe vitamin B12 deficiency. I had been taking oral Methylcobalamin B12 supplements for over a decade, but my body was not absorbing the vitamin it needed. I had a choice: take monthly vitamin B12 injections for the rest of my life,or, get the vitamin B12 naturally from food, which meant adding animal products to my diet. As a consequence of the decision I made, I received e-mails and online comments from people who strongly objected to my promoting a raw food diet or having any connection to it. I had left the “club”! I understand their feelings and I will move on, but I will not stop delivering the message of good health and happiness, which includes eating natural and whole foods, both raw and cooked. I will continue doing recipe videos on Radiance Central’s Video Blog which will include raw food recipes, and I will continue Coaching and hosting the monthly online 10 Day Juice Fasting Program and 7 Day Raw Food Challenge because I know the strong healing and health promoting powers these programs have. Change for good reasons is a good thing, and I embrace it!

So on that note, I want to thank all of my subscribers for their boundless and loving support for Raw Radiant Health. I hope you all will join me at Radiance Central so that together we can continue on our journey to greater health, happiness and RADIANCE!

All my love,
Natasha St. Michael

p.s. I have created a free “Be Radiant Now! Starter Kit” available at Radiance Central – it’s my gift to you ! The starter kit is full of delicious and easy whole food recipes, natural skin care recipes and action steps to sparkling happiness! Download it now at!

4 thoughts on “NEW Website & FREE Gift!

  1. Hi Natasha! Nice to meet with you!! Your new website is very nice and just wanna congratulate you for opening new website. Really like the video demonstration you shared it’s amazing to watch. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Natasha,
    I enjoy your you tube videos. I have PCOS and was very surprised and pleased to view your You tube video about how your cured it with your lifestyle changes. Thank you for everything. I am making changes in my diet and exercise routine. My depression comes and goes. Have a lovely Sunday.

  3. In this world today, it is scary how much of our food isn’t as “Raw” as we would like and even the seeds are tainted with pesticides. I just heard a report the other night on the news that said the bags of seeds that farmers are getting have a scull and crossbones on them. They have a poisonous label on them to warn the farmers not to consume… but then they go and grow the crops. Organic is truly the way to go.

  4. Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS too and the OB simply recommended hormonal pills for management. But of course experiencing side effects is not a good thing. And with this, you got me so inspired into adopting a lifestyle change for better health. Thanks a lot!

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