Chilled Mango Soup Recipe, Ep340

Here’s a perfect summer summer soup recipe!! Absolutely delicious!

Chilled Mango Soup:

2 Mangos (peeled and pits removed)

1 Cucumber (seeds removed)

1/4 Cup Coriander / Cilantro

1/4 Cup Red Onion

1 Lime (Juice of)

1/4 Cup Water

Pinch of Sea Salt

-Blend Mangos, Cucumber, Water & Lime Juice until smooth. Leave in blender.

-Add Coriander & Onions to blender and pulse for a few seconds until finely chopped.

-Put in refrigerator for atleast one to two hours to chill.

-Serve and sprinkle a pinch of Sea Salt.

Chilled Mango Soup Recipe, Ep340

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9 thoughts on “Chilled Mango Soup Recipe, Ep340

  1. hya natasha i love mangos and coriander,ive never thought of mixing them with onion before so this one should be really interesting to try im trying to lose weigh too so a nice healthy recipy,hope your havinh a loverley holiday

  2. Been enjoying your old youtube lately; threw together this recipe today and it was great–wanted to share a few alterations I made:

    – I used one large (non champagne/Ataulfo variety like you had) mango and 1 smallish cucumber and the proportion worked great
    – I used a little more onion
    – Used the whole lime w/o skin in the vitamix, it pulverized the crap out of it anyway

    and what I’m most excited to share and hope you will try next time you make it:
    – 1/2 tsp chili powder
    – 1/2 tsp ground cumin

    Super tasty! Thanks for the inspiration and recipe.

  3. Wow! I just made this and it is YUMMY!!! I want more yummy recipes! I’ve tried going all raw several times in the past, but only lasted a day or two. But I’ve been all raw for nearly a week now and have no yearnings to eat cooked food as long as I have lots of yummy, simple (must stress the word simple here, too) recipes. That and the fact that this time I’ve added more fat to my raw diet (per Natasha’s advice) which keeps me feeling satisfied for a very long time. Mostly it’s coconut oil (“Artisana” – again, per Natasha’s advice). I wasn’t doing that before and just couldn’t last and so I caved in to the full feeling that cooked foods give. But that extra fat (and yummy recipes) makes all the difference for me. Thank you, Natasha!!! (More recipes! More recipes!)

  4. What to do when all the fruits and vegetables in grocery stores are contaminated with pesticides, etc.? Especially those from the US but from here in Canada too?
    Thank you for advice?

  5. This recipe looks really tasty! I have never made a raw soup before. When you add the sea salt after making the soup, does it dissolve or remain grainy in the soup?

  6. I love your videos and I love that everything is so natural and healthy and wonderful. The one thing I find doesn’t go with your message is these flourescent, artificial colours used on your blog and banners. The graphics are – sorry – hideous. Have you ever thought of designing your blog/brand/identity in a way that ties in with your message? I think it would make such a massive, positive difference. All the best! x

  7. That’s interesting! A chilled soup? Am I right? Anyway, I love mangoes so I would really love to try this recipe of yours. This is somehow weird to me, but it’s kind of delicious to hear a chilled soup, it’s kind of yogurt to me. But this recipes really healthy, because all its ingredients are healthy too! There are lots of Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss that you would really benefit from. Thanks for sharing, this really kind of interest me and think a bit how it gonna taste..

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