Juices or Smoothies? Juicers or Blenders? Ep338

Today I answer questions about the difference between smoothies & juices, which is better, which has more nutrition, when to drink them, whats better to buy, a juicer or blender, etc..

Juices or Smoothies? Juicers or Blenders? Ep338

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3 thoughts on “Juices or Smoothies? Juicers or Blenders? Ep338

  1. Hi Natasha! I did the Raw Food Challenge about a year ago and it was life transforming to me! Even though I eat mostly cooked food nowadays I eat A LOT more fruits, greens, vegetables and I can easily make a meal out of only vegetables if that’s what I have in my fridge. I feel amazing and look amazing! I really wanted to say thank you, Natasha. I love your videos and you’re such an inspiration to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Hey Natasha,
    I recently found your blog/site and I tried my first smoothie in the blender.
    Wow! Bright green from the spinach but perfect on the palate and just enough flavour and texture to taste terrific. After I chomped on a dozen raw almonds and voila- hunger gone, satisfied tummy and feeling mighty fine. Thanks for your work and vision.

  3. A thoughtful opinion and ideas. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. I’ve been thinking about getting into juicing for a while and am just beginning to learn about it.

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