Diet & Lifestyle Tips For Panic Attacks & Anxiety, Ep334

Today I give some tips on how to prevent anxiety attacks and also what are some of the things you can do or change in your diet & lifestyle.

Diet & Lifestyle Tips For Panic Attacks & Anxiety, Ep334

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6 thoughts on “Diet & Lifestyle Tips For Panic Attacks & Anxiety, Ep334

  1. Nice to see you again Natasha! Great video, excellent topic and so relevant. A point I wanted to share is that through my own experience saw my anxiety creep up when I was withdrawing from certain substances like coffee, nicotine, or sugar. After a few days/weeks however I saw it subside as the substance was watched away from my system. Also not attaching myself or acting on the anxious feelings but rather just witnessing them made a impact because I saw it pass. So often we get caught up in the pain that we try to fix right away (typically with drugs) rather than just let it pass.

    Happy travels to Montreal, Thanks again

  2. hi natasha,
    nice to see you again! great video..
    have a safe trip back to canada..

  3. It’s always good to hear from you, you are so soft spoken, that in and of itself is relaxing, thank you for this wonderful reminder to try and find balance…..happy trails on your journey home. Can’t wait for your your next video full of sensible healthy advice (:

  4. You look wonderful and happy. Things are obviously going well. Glad that you adjusted your diet so that you are glowing again. It was scarey and upsetting watching you go pale and weak with B12 deficiency but you look great now. Thanks for modeling a healthy approach to food rather than a dogmatic one—you’re a rare person to be open and flexible. Thank you for the courage to be honest. The video that you are going to make about your new diet will be a real gift so don’t sweat the reaction from the hard core group;

  5. It’s good to hear from you again. You are always so happy and upbeat on your videos that it makes me happy as well. Your happiness is infectious. Hope you have a great time in Montreal and New York.

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