How Much Fruit On A Cooked Food Diet, Ep334

The amount of fruit someone eats on a raw food diet varies greatly compared to how much someone should eat on a cooked food diet, especially in conjunction with grains and refined starches. Find out if you should be including fruit in your diet and how much is healthy!

How Much Fruit On A Cooked Food Diet, Ep334

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5 thoughts on “How Much Fruit On A Cooked Food Diet, Ep334

  1. Sounds like you have a cold..Disagree with you on the fruit issue, I limit myself to two servings a day of fresh fruit.. Take my advice from Dr Mercola and I rarely eat any grains..

  2. I LOVE fruit and feel good when I eat it. But recently I’ve been diagnosed with a Candida overgrowth. What happens with the fruit now??? Should I cut it out? 🙁

  3. Natasha- thank you so much for your usual balanced advice that never contradicts common sense. I’ve been on the “health wagon” for decades and have seen food fads come and go and have learned to let my decision making be determined by my body, intuition and common sense. Am in glorious, energetic health as a result and am in better shape than those 30 years younger. It just doesn’t make sense to eliminate an entire class of food, and that includes fruit and whole grains. Quinoa, spelt, bulgur are high protein alternatives to wheat flour.

    Karen, I like Mercola for most things but think that he is way off on this one. And, there is ample evidence of health benefits of small amounts of raw organic honey for most people but this is also on his forbidden list. My advice is to forget about following one guru, you can’t get around weighing all of the evidence from many sources. Limiting fruit is an extreme and unhealthy approach unless there serious glucose intolerance issues.

  4. Since buying a juicer I’ve greatly cut down on my fruit intake and concentrate more on vegetables. Fruit is very high in sugar, I juice carrots and beets for sweetness and find my energy levels are more constant. Advantage Flea Treatment

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