Nyepi Day – Balinese Day Of Silence, Ep328

ogoh-ogoh parade

Over the weekend it was Nyepi Day- Bali’s Silent Day. For an entire day the entire island is shut down, no one can go outside, the airport is closed, no lights, no noise, nothing!! Just silence & darkness! Maybe you should take a a silent day!

Check out today’s video and see some footage from the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade! Also, if you want to see more photos from my travels, friend me on Facebook–>Click Here

Nyepi Day – Balinese Day Of Silence, Ep328

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  1. It is so amazing. Not only do you give us a wealth of information, you give us a view of other worlds and ideas. Thank you for your hard work, and glad to here you are feeling better.

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