Warming Ginger Bath For The Winter, Ep325

Learn a great trick/recipe for a warming bath– especially great to warm up during those cold winter days!

Warming Ginger Bath For The Winter, Ep325

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5 thoughts on “Warming Ginger Bath For The Winter, Ep325

  1. Living in beautiful Colorado, but so cold right now! So great tip! Actually is snowing and I am having a cup of tea. Love the fabulous ideals and healthy look you support, thank you!

  2. Hey Natasha! Was just getting worried about you. I hadnt seen any new videos posted in awhile. I hope you are doing well!!! Just checking on ya!

  3. Also in Colorado, yes it’s bloody cold and this looks like such a great indulgence! Now I just have to find some ground ginger on the cheap. I just discovered your blog yesterday and I really love all your videos. Because you spoke about unpasteurized almonds, I dropped a chunk of change on 5 lbs of raw, organic, unpasteurized almonds this morning. I’m going to start sprouting them which I had never heard of doing (although I do the typical radish, etc sprouts). I also linked back to your blog and look forward to going through your archives and new videos too! Namaste.

  4. I second Alicia. I, too, keep coming back for more videos, and I’m getting a little worried about you. Everything okay?

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