Part 2 – My Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Change Of Diet! Ep321

Here is Part 2 of my video on my Vitamin B12 deficiency and how I’ve decided to change my diet to heal the deficiency, anemia and damage to my nervous system.

As Hippocrates say: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Part 2 – My Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Change Of Diet! Ep321

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33 thoughts on “Part 2 – My Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Change Of Diet! Ep321

  1. You are brave and honest. This is also your business and I admire your honesty.
    It will only make you more successful.
    Health is about finding the truth. Diet is about supporting health.
    I’ve always admired your u tube instructions but thought you were a little too extreme….remember BALANCE is the key to life.

  2. Natasha, darling, I’ve been following you for quite a while now (since you very first posts) and I have to say: I love how authentic you are. I think it’s great that you do what feels best for you in this moment; I’ve learned as well, that dogmatic views (about anything!) are very destructive and that flexibility and balance are key.
    I’ve been a picky eater as a child as well; and I went vegetarian when I was eleven, and I have been high raw vegan for almost 5 years now & I think I might be Vitamin B12 deficient as well (plus possibly Vitamin D and Iodine deficient) – I should have my blood tested soon. I’ll try the supplements and see how it goes.
    I’m glad you bring up this topic, it’s great how you share your experience. Keep us updated about how you feel! 🙂
    Best wishes,

  3. wow this video is amazing, I have been watching your videos for about a year and it was always interesting to see what you had to say even though I am not a vegetarian/vegan. This just reaffirms the fact that everybody needs animal foods from pasture raised and grass fed animals they are the essence of health. One professional that I was listening to said that vegans can never go five years without meat before their health suffers tremendously. I would strongly urge you to check out the weston a. Price foundation, for they provide amazing information about a well balanced diet.
    Keep up the great videos and info

  4. Glad it’s working out for you Natasha. I’m perplexed though. It is very well known that having animal products does not make a difference to B12 levels and that that is a false theory. You say it right here: about 4 minutes in.

    It’s very possible you’re feeling better because animal products are heavily stimulating. I’d wait for a year to see how you feel then.

    In the meantime, perhaps research the ONLY healthy way I have found to do a vegan diet, and that is 80.10.10 diet by Dr. Douglas Graham.

  5. You can not say you care about animals when you eat them. Why did you not just go back to vegetarian if you were worried about b12 there is no need to eat animal flesh.

  6. Hi Natasha,

    Thank you so much for your openess and honesty. I agree with you that your health should always come first. Everyone has to find what works for them. Our bodies are constantly changing, which means our needs also change. Please keep doing what you need to do for you and please continue to share your many life journeys with us.



  7. Hi Natasha –
    I just found you today, through a friend who told me about your current health situation and new relationship with raw food (and food in general). I really enjoyed your video and REALLY appreciate how candid and honest you are.
    Thank you SO much for sharing your story, and I’m looking forward to following your video blogs now.

    Sarahfae – AtV

  8. Hi Natasha, What a big decision it must have been for you, I can imagine how hard that first bite of meat must have been. I love your videos and you`ve really inspired me in my raw food journey. Thankyou, Claire

  9. Natasha…It’s obvious that this journey has been/is a difficult one for you. And it was probably difficult to share it with us. But I–for one–appreciate your authenticity. You inspire me to eat better / do better. Thanks for that. All the best.

  10. Hi Natasha, I just wanted to say I totally support your decision as I’m presently going through something very similar, experimenting with eating meat again for health issues after 10 years without it. I’ve started this around the same time as you, just at christmas time! The hardest thing was getting over my own judgement of myself and just TRY it.xoxo

  11. Hi Neven

    It’s not mean it’s the truth. Natasha is someone people look up to and she’s now contradicting herself as Hannanne pointed out above.

    Everyone is entitled to their choices but I really don’t believe Natasha is justified, I’m ashamed 🙁

  12. I don’t think that constructive criticism is mean. When someone takes on the role of a health educator, and clearly doesn’t take responsibility for their own health (getting tested for B12 by chance years later says it all), while giving advice on the issue in the past, is a serious contradiction.

    It’s not a debate about having or not having a choice. If Natasha wants to start eating grass from tomorrow- she’s free to do so and doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone. She chose however to take a health coach path and must understand the responsibility that comes with it.
    Anyone can grab a camera and share their experience without being accountable for the consequences, but it’s a completely different story when they set up a business and start charging for their advice.

  13. I just started watching all of your video’s. I am new to raw, and really appreciate your honesty. I am a true fan, and will be watching you for a very longtime. Thank-you

  14. Hi Natasha I’m brand new to your videos and have watched quite a few of them. I’ve really enjoyed them! You’ve opened my eyes about what it is to eat raw foods. Though I haven’t felt impressed to be 100 percent raw for an extended length of time, I am definitely making a lifestyle change and plan to eat raw for awhile so I’ll get in the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables. I’ve never been the greatest at that. So I have a fridge full of good stuff and hope I’ll lose some weight in the process. I’m proud of myself because today I have eaten six different fruits and vegetables so far, unheard of for me. I hope to at least be at 70 percent raw. So glad you caught this B12 deficiency when you did. You know, I was thinking of you yesterday and praying for you and then I saw that video, wow. Thank God you found that out! Keep up the great work telling people about healthy eating! Meagan

  15. Dear Natasha –

    There is so much on my heart I want to say, but I will keep it at this:
    I cannot thank you enough for this video and its counterpart. But even more, I thank you for always being open to truth and the unknown in your life. Your example has done more than simply inspire me, it has in many ways given me the courage to face food issues in my own life and consider being open to change as well. I have struggled with an eating disorder for over six years and at my worst I got down to 65lbs and had become terrified of anything non-raw-organic-vegan. In my sick state I truly believed it better to not eat if organic vegan vegetaation was not available. At this point, i am much better, but my ‘food rules’ are still keeping me from fullness of health. I have finally reached the point at which I realize that I was better of and much happier in the days when I was eating almond butter sandwiches and even ‘junky’ food like pretzels occassionally then when I was only allowing myself salad and apples. Watching your journey unfold has given me the boost I need, the support I need to really get ready to admit to myself that I am not thriving even now and need to add substantially nutrious foods into my diet and even consume animal products.

    Again, THANK YOU for your courage, for your voice, for your own life’s journey and for sharing it with the world. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that you have made a major difference in my life.

    With Thanks and Joy,


  16. Natasha,

    I just found you today and watched several old posts before watching these last two on Vit. B12. I am about 90% raw and have been off and on for the last year. I am having a hard time with my brown rice and popcorn! I am mostly vegan, I only eat sushi. But when I did decide to go raw, the first book I bought talked about the Vit. B12 deficiency and the need for that supplement. I take it occasionally, but since I do eat the raw fish, which is high in B12, I don’t think I will have a problem. I do commend you for your decision! It is hard to go against your grain like that. I don’t take prescriptions or vaccinations and can’t imagine if I was forced to. I applaud you and will definitely keep up with you. Take care and thanks for the honesty!


  17. I applaud Natasha! For those of you who have been judgemental here, I’d like to say this: Life is about change and growing. Line upon line; precept upon precept. We don’t know what the future holds. Just the fact that Natasha is WILLING to make necessary changes, shows that she is really clued in to good health and truth, and that qualifies her to be a wonderful health coach. She’s not stuck on one way of doing things. Even a trained doctor has to remain open to new science and medical treatments. Nothing is set in stone.

    I used to be vegan for a few years, but have come to realize that a whole foods diet is the best way for me. Eating food as close to the way that God/Nature created it just speaks common sense to me. However, common sense also tells me that cow milk was made for baby cows, so I stay away from dairy. So many people seem to have some sort of lactose intolerance. That’s the body’s way of saying that it isn’t working. And that’s what it’s all about. Watching the signs and using common sense. That is exactly what Natasha has done.

  18. 1. The nerve damage is not usually permanent. Sublingual vegan methylcobalamin supplements in high doses can be used to regenerate all sorts of nerve damage (not just deficiency) and is used for this purpose medically in some countries (no obvious side effects, so far).

    2. Under the tongue supplementation with vegan methylcobalamin is probably going to be your easiest, safest and most effective way back to high b12 levels. Eating animal products may not do it thoroughly or quickly particularly if you have absorbtion/recycling issues (which you may well have!). Also, factory farmed animal products which are common in Thai and have low b12. Fresh freerange shellfish has the highest b12 in nature, if you must, Natasha.. but then again there are shellfish allergy issues which are often cofactored with absorbtion issues.
    Vegan methylcobalamin supplementation is best (cyanocobalamin is found in Thailand and will do).

  19. Natasha, I don’t judge you at all for changing your lifestyle a bit so your body can thrive.

    Have you heard or thought about B12 methylcobalamin type? This type is active for the central nervous system. Just wanted to throw that out there. Thanks again for your informative videos.

  20. Just a quick question. Can you use nutritional yeast flakes for your B12? I know they have b vitamins in them.

  21. Hi Natasha!
    I ran across your YouTube videos describing your B12 deficiency journey and I have to thank you for sharing your struggle! I also have PCOS and after being misdiagnosed for about 8 months, it was determined that I was probably suffering from a B12 deficiency. I was a relatively healthy 37 year old woman and this deficiency has caused so many crazy symptoms to gradually appear–tingling in my forehead, feet, legs, a vision shift, unexplainable crying episodes, high resting heart rate, ibs symptoms, burning sinus cavities, teeth became very sensitive to hot & cold, dizziness, ringing in my ears…..I could go on the list was long unfortunately by the time I found a doctor who would listen and wanted to help.
    So far after 6 months now of cyano B12 shots and methyl B-12 sublinguals in-between, all of those symptoms have disappeared except for the constant vibration feeling I have throughout my body. I suspect it is my nervous system that is still going crazy and trying to heal. I pray that we both will find our health fully restored soon.
    By the way, I never was a vegan I have always consumed meat and diary throughout my life and I still ended up facing this challenge. However, the path I believe that lead me here was that I was a long time birth control pill user to control the PCOS, achieved pregnancy, breastfed and went back on the pill. My son was about a year old when the first symptoms of dizziness and a high resting heart rate appeared. I only wish my OB/GYN was more informed about what the pill, pregnancy and breastfeeding can do to a woman’s B12 levels.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  22. Dear Natasha,

    I really appreciate your honesty. And I really think that this is the best informative video I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much. And I am waiting to see more videos from you.

  23. Hi Natasha,

    I applaud you for your honesty. I am very happy that you’ve found a healthy balance and that you are sharing it with us (your community). You are so beautiful! You look so much more vibrant now since your move from Canada to Asia. The earth is filled with many blessings for us to use. Just as we take a vegetable from the root it grew from in the ground and bless it and eat it, we can do the same with meat. Showing gratitude for the animal spirit that has allowed us to consume it for it’s health benefits. It’s all good! Balance is key. We’re all unique.

    Thank you for your videos, cheers to your health and Happy Travels!

  24. It’s important for everyone to find they’re balance. I am knew to all this, except I have mostly vegitarian for 30 yrs or so. I am learning more now that I am mostly raw and mostly vegan. I say mostly because no one is perfect. I do understand that being unsteady. I feal more steady now than ever. Yes, I do take supplements still. I don’t know, but Isn’t there any possible way to get the B12 without going for meat? I understand white meats like fish and chicken don’t have enough B12 to be theraputic. Isn’t it true that it has to be red meat? I would rather take a supplement and even a shot than eat red meat. So it’s hard to see another person prefer the animal products than a supplement. I would have to completely erase my thinking and how to do that? I personally don’t think anyone needs meat or cooked food. I have been anemic and hypothyroid, and took supplements and medicines made from animals, so I do understand. It’s all well and good to judge till we have to face it ourselves. I see it but it hurts me to think of you having to make that choice. It must hurt you too. Sending love and prayers that you will walk your path in peace. xxoo Lynn

  25. Hi Natasha. Just wanted to offer you some support and tell you to ignore the haters. If those people were as healthy as they claim they wouldn’t be as nasty as they are (I’m only thinking of a few of you but not naming names, no offense to the rest)… no one who is healthy and in balance is that hateful and judgmental toward others. Personally I have tried vegan numerous times and it just doesn’t work for me, and no I don’t feel like stuffing myself with fruit all day long and never eating any fat. NO THANKS. I do best on a high raw diet with a small amount of eggs each day. Do what works for you and let everyone else get over it!

  26. Excellent stuff from you, man I’ve read your things before and you are just too awesome. I adore what you have got right here. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. This is truly a great blog thanks for sharing.

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