Is The Sugar In Fruit Bad For You? Ep320

Today I answer questions about fruit & sugar and if the sugar in fruit affects the body the same way regular sugar does.

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Is The Sugar In Fruit Bad For You? Ep320

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2 thoughts on “Is The Sugar In Fruit Bad For You? Ep320

  1. Great post today. I agree that many people confusing lumping all sugars into one category. I wrote a post today about good carbs and bad carbs, similar to the sugar problem where complex carbs are released slower. Thanks for the great post, and even more for the beautiful footage, wow Thailand looks gorgeous!
    – Tommy

  2. Hi Natasha – great post. Reminds me of the talk Dr. Robert Lusing gave on sugar called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”. It’s long (90min) but very comprehensive from many angles.

    As you say, fructose in isolation is quite bad for us, but the sweetness is nature’s way of getting us to consume fiber.

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