Women’s Hair Falling Out & Raw Food Diet, Ep314

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, learn why and what changes you can make to your diet, health & lifestyle to reverse the problem.

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Women\’s Hair Falling Out & Raw Food Diet, Ep314

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2 thoughts on “Women’s Hair Falling Out & Raw Food Diet, Ep314

  1. Hi
    I’d love a video about food combining for best health and weight loss. On a traditional diet (depending on the diet ofcourse) its often siad that we should eat a high protein diet and when we have carbs there should always be proten.

    Now with raw food and drinking green juices, for health, I guess one have to think a bit diffentely? Is it better to drink the green juices in one meal, and for example add a protein (Raw vehan protein powder) smoothe in another meal?

    I strength train and want to build mucsle and lose the fat! Got excess of that 🙂
    What are the things to consider when planning my meals?

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Natasha,

    Thanks so much for this video about hair loss – I’ve been looking for good natural options. I love green juices and will add sea vegetables and wheatgrass – THANKS. I’ve been dealing with thinning hair for about a year. I had a scalp infection/inflammation that required antibiotics. Are there other things that I should do to re-grow and strengthen my follicles. A friend told me to detox/blood cleansing a few times a year as well as systemic enzymes (1/2 tsp twice a day). Is this good advice?

    You are fabulous – I learn so much for you – Thank you.

    love and blessings,
    Miss D.

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