Natural Remedies For Colds & Flu, Ep313

Learn how to ease the symptoms of colds & flu! Get tips for easing a sore throat, breaking a fever, and how to naturally take care of yourself when you are sick.

Natural Remedies For Colds & Flu, Ep313

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2 thoughts on “Natural Remedies For Colds & Flu, Ep313

  1. Great post! Getting a bad cold is what really set me forth to eating a plant based diet, and to start juicing for more nutrients to keep sickness away. I hope to go 5 years like you did!

  2. Thanks for this natural cold remedies post. I am currently sick (not a flu, just a strong cold) and one of my Okinawan friends (a very healthy 76-yr old) has me drinking steeped garlic and ginger in generous amounts. I also will add lemon here and there. I gotta say, this is the best I’ve EVER felt for having a cold and I am a true believer in this remedy. My friends have used it to and they love it. I haven’t had to buy any OTC medicine nor do I even want to! This is the first time for me to deal with a cold this way and I’m 40 years old. Just wanted to pass this remedy on to you and get your comments about the ginger & garlic mix. Thanks so much for everything you’re doing and Merry Christmas.
    Justin Christensen
    One of your former Raw Food Challenge and Juice Fasting online students!

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