Are You Fearing Holiday Over-Eating? Ep309

Thanksgiving is coming up and many people are scared the holidays will sabotage their diet & weight loss progress! Fear will make you powerless! You have 100% control over everything in your life!

Here are my Top 5 Tips For Staying Healthy & Happy Over The Holidays from this month’s newsletter:

1. Guilt-Free Holiday

My number 1 rule is to be Guilt-Free. Too many people set themselves up for disaster over the holidays by thinking they’ll do one thing, but end up doing another– next thing they know it, they stuffed themselves with all the holiday food and feel sick and guilty for days and weeks after. We want to avoid that as much as possible!! So, to begin with, you have to make a strong agreement with yourself that no matter what you eat or drink, you are not going to feel bad afterwards. No matter what, you will not criticize yourself, put yourself down or feel like a failure.

2. Be Prepared

Thanksgiving is next week, so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the holidays, and that means being mentally prepared. Use the time now to ask yourself how you want to celebrate the holidays. Do you want to do it in a healthy way and stick to your diet? Or do you want to do things in moderation- try a few of those dishes that you only have on these special occasions and eat small portions? Or do you want to allow yourself a day of indulging in a full-on Thanksgiving Feast? There is no right or wrong answer– it’s completely up to you and how you want to celebrate the holiday. The more clear you are with yourself as to what you are going to eat, the easier it will be to stick to!

3. Bring Healthy Food

If you are going to celebrate the holidays with family and friends and you are going to someone else’s home, make sure they will be serving some healthy food, especially a salad! If there is one thing I recommend to everyone– eat a big serving of salad before you eat the main meal! This will help fill you up before the main meal so you won’t over eat on the more rich Thanksgiving foods. This will also help with digestion and avoiding post Thanksgiving stomach upset! If you aren’t sure if a salad will be served, call the host ahead of time and ask, and perhaps bring a beautiful salad to share with everyone.

4. Everyone Loves Raw Desserts!

Thanksgiving is not only about the meat and stuffing, it’s also about the decadent desserts! This is a perfect opportunity to make a super yummy raw dessert to share with everyone. I’ve had many clients tell me how they love to bring raw desserts to social gatherings and see how people eat them up not knowing that they are raw and healthy! There’s nothing more gratifying than feeding your loved ones healthy food that they fully enjoy!

5. Perspective

Remember, Thanksgiving is just one day!! It’s not the rest of your life. So be kind to yourself! If you over-eat on Thanksgiving, no problem, its just one day, the next day get back into your diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle. Within a few days you’ll forget that Thanksgiving even happened!!

Enjoy the holidays, that’s what they are for!!

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2 thoughts on “Are You Fearing Holiday Over-Eating? Ep309

  1. Congrats on your move and living your dreams! It looks like you are doing well in Bali – you look happy! 🙂

    It was brave of you to talk about your B12 issues, especially as someone who teaches about nutrition. Hopefully this information will help others. As a longtime vegetarian myself (about 20 years also, like you), getting enough B12 was a concern of mine – but it need not be if you ensure you have good sources of B12.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your knowledge and experiences of “living outside the box.”

    Hoping you’ll show us some of Bali,

  2. Natasha,

    I was under the impression that spirulina is one of the most absorbable sources of B12…if I’d know that it contains blocker, I would never have started using it. So knowing this,are you an advocate of taking spirulina for other benefits, or do you see it as something that’s not really that worth it?


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