Symptoms Of Food Allergies & Sensitivites, Ep307

Learn what the signs and symptoms are if you have a food or skin care product  allergy or sensitivity. Also learn what foods you can be allergic to.

Symptoms Of Food Allergies & Sensitivites, Ep307

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2 thoughts on “Symptoms Of Food Allergies & Sensitivites, Ep307

  1. I don’t hear anyone talk about refined sugar, artificial sweetener allergies. I have SEIZURES from it. I have been tested and I was in a full-blown seizures within 5 seconds of having refined sugar. Also hormone changes within the body have a lot to do with allergies…I have experienced that! I have lived with this since I was 9 years old.

  2. Thanks for the info Natasha. Can you share a little more about the symptoms of a less severe food sensitivity especially to gluten? I though the manifestations of food “sensitivities” were a little different than those of an actual allergy. Thanks again.

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