Get Out Of The Negative, Ep306

Here’s a trick to get out of negative thinking, worrying, doubting & pessimism.

Get Out Of The Negative, Ep306

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2 thoughts on “Get Out Of The Negative, Ep306

  1. Natasha, on a positive note (hee hee) can you please do a video on the “affordability” of a raw vegan diet?

    Right now, I can’t even afford your coaching services, and I’m so bummed!!!!! Is the Juice fast affordable? How much, on average does it cost for the fruits for a juice fast? Please Natasha, let us know how much eating this way costs, and how to make it more affordable!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Tanya,
    In an earlier video I watch Natasha talk about how to make raw food/juice feasting affordable. Not sure as to where you live but you can do a number of things:

    1. Get in on a co-op locally where you share the expense (and food) with others.
    2. Work on a local farm on the weekends in exchange for food.
    3. Find food free growing wild around your home. Blackberries grow EVERYWHERE in Oregon where I am.
    4. Buy non-organic. I know this is a little questionable to some but I see it as less of two evils: I could go and spend $1 on a cheeseburger at McDonalds or I could take it and buy apples, veggies, etc that I can afford. It might not be organic but it is better than the burger!
    5. Buy foods that fill you up. There are some foods that are more filling than others and you could spend your money on them and stay raw. My first few months of raw I went out and bought tons of ready-made-raw from Whole Foods, New Seasons and some local raw restaurants. Tasty, but very expensive. To stay raw I knew I had to prepare all my own foods.

    Good luck to you and I hope this is helpful! Look for Natasha’s video on affordability.

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