Passion Fruit, Ep301

I am back!!!

Well as most of you know, I have packed up my things and have moved to South East Asia! I was suppose to go to Thailand, but it was flooded last week and last minute I changed my travel plans and now I’m in Bali!!! Lovin’ it!!! Bali is fantastic 🙂 I was last here about 4 years ago, many things have changed and many thngs have not. The Balinese and Indonesians are wonderful people and it is such a delight to be here!

Today I talk about one of my favourite fruits– Passion Fruit! Learn how to select good, ripe passion fruits and the different ways you can use them.

Passion Fruit, Ep301

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2 thoughts on “Passion Fruit, Ep301

  1. Excellent video Natasha! One question though, you mention that it’s good to eat fruits with seeds, so does that mean that we should be eating the seeds of most fruits in order to get those extra minerals and essential fatty acids? Just wondering… Now, I have to go to whole foods and see if I can actually find a passion fruit! LOL Have an awesome day!

  2. I am from CR and we do have passion fruit here, and they are yellow inside and the taste is sweet and sour, what you have there is call at least here, cranadilla and that one is kind clear and very sweet. they both are similar in color, size, and seeds but there taste is very different.

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