Is Skipping Meals Healthy, Ep294

Learn if it is healthy to skip meals, how it will affect your weight & health and if you were to skip a meal which one would be the best!

Is Skipping Meals Healthy? Ep294

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4 thoughts on “Is Skipping Meals Healthy, Ep294

  1. Thanks so much, Natasha, for this post! This is something that really needed to be said, particularly regarding the fact that the body needs to fast for a MINIMUM of 12 hours over the evening and at night in order to get optimal quality of sleep. I very much appreciate you dispelling the MYTH within the natural health community that the body is in “detox” in the mornings and breakfast should be skipped. Some people feel sick at their stomachs in the mornings (and subsequently think it is because they are detoxing) because they ate a large cacao, fruit, and agave smoothie at midnight!

  2. Natasha, I found your blog post via google search. It was worth posting all the information you have. Thanks for sharing such information which is helpful and qualitative.

  3. I have been watching your youtube video’s for a while now and am totally THRILLED to have found your blog! I am 80% raw currently but hoping to go 100% in the near future, just have to get the family on board 🙂

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