Don’t Be Defeated, Get Healthy Now! Ep276

Changing your diet, getting healthy and taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be depriving and torturous– it’s all about your perspective and how you go about it that will determine your victory!

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Don\’t Be Defeated! Ep276

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One thought on “Don’t Be Defeated, Get Healthy Now! Ep276

  1. Fantastic episode! I starting eating a raw vegan diet about three months ago and absolutely LOVE it (I have much more energy, lost 15 pounds, and am generally much happier). However there are those odd days where I feel a bit low. Usually this happens after spending some time with friends and family to whom I have to reiterate my new eating habits – which is usually followed by statements like “OH NO! But that means you can’t eat X,Y,Z” and “Don’t you eat missing…” etc. It takes some mental strength sometimes to remind myself that it is not about what I ‘miss’ but about what I gain. A whole new world has opened up and it is much better than what I have left behind!
    So THANK YOU for that episode. It came at the right day 🙂

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