Trigger Foods That Throw You Off Your Diet, Ep264

Learn how to end overeating, binge eating and how to stop falling off your diet!

Trigger Foods That Throw You Off Your Diet, Ep264

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7 thoughts on “Trigger Foods That Throw You Off Your Diet, Ep264

  1. You just described me to a T. I binge-eat sweets. The only one I tend to be able to moderate is ice cream, actually. Other things, I’ll say, I haven’t had it in a month, it’s ok to buy it, I’ll just have a little, and it’s gone by the next day. So I’ll say I’m not buying it, but a month down the line, well, I’m sure I’m over that now… and repeat.

    When I get those things from other people, I can moderate how much I eat. But it’s when I buy them and take them home that I can’t. So maybe I’ll have to buy absolutely no sweets from now on… (I make my own raw ice cream).

    Thank you for the wonderful advice, as always! That was the reality I needed to hear! 🙂

  2. You look fantastic! Thailand suits you! 😉

    Thanks for this binge food tip and for suggesting we make a binge food list. My list would include pasta, chips and kit kats, which I now know I need to avoid like the plague. I had been juicing for weeks (and completely avoiding all forms of cooked / junk foods) and my weight still hasn’t moved downward… I think all the fruit must effect my blood sugar / insulin levels too much. It’s so distressing!!

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