Can You Eat Junk Food Once In A While? Ep262

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from people about whether or not it’s alright to eat a little cooked junk food once in a while– here’s my opinion!

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Can You Eat Junk Food Once In A While? Ep262

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6 thoughts on “Can You Eat Junk Food Once In A While? Ep262

  1. Thank you sooo much Natasha!! I’ve been eating very high raw for the past year and will occaisionally eat a cooked meal. Sometimes I really get down on myself, but hearing from you that it’s okay makes me feel much better. By the way you look absolutely gorgeous with your hair up.

  2. I totally agree! I am trying to eat more raw veggies and fruit as part of my regular routine and trying to get my kids to eat more raw veggies. I’m having to give them some dip right now to get them to eat it, but it’s a start! I’m also switching their on-the-go snacks to organic, and we drink almost all water already. Small changes can add up. Here is a related article about raw food and how it contributes to overall health and the absorption of nutrients!

  3. Natasha, get a little wind filter for your camera mic to cut out the wind noise. We love you. Joseph

  4. Natasha, I put off watching this for a day as I was unsure what your answer to the Question would be. Thank you for such a lovely centered and healthy approach to life!

    Also, You were looking quite radiant before you announced the Thailand move but now you glow through my computer! I am sooooo thrilled for you!

    Having a Fabulous, Fabulous weekend hoping you are too!

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