Raw Food Diet & Acne– High Fruit or No Fruit? Ep250

Today I answer a question regarding acne & the raw food diet– To heal acne, should one eliminate fruits or fats/oils?

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Raw Food Diet & Acne– High Fruit or No Fruit? Ep250

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82 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet & Acne– High Fruit or No Fruit? Ep250

  1. I was wondering how long it took when you went raw for your acne to clear up.
    I’m patiently waiting…

  2. I must say that your videos were very helpful and since I was diog. with PCOS a few years ago I was happy to find that I can try something that is natural. I also had the issue of acne and scars. I tried the aloe vera and honey and I must say that I saw results in two(2) days time. The honey had my face soft and the aloe vera had my face smooth. I was very happy to see results so soooon!! So thank you very much because there is help for us still…

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