16 thoughts on “Your Happiness Is YOURS!, Ep241

  1. Thank you for the reminder to control how happy we are regardless of external circumstances, fabulous video. x

  2. I like when Natasha said – “Your happiness is yours” not determined by outside STUFF or your environment. I’m just starting to see the benefits of this. In the chaos of work and things going wrong – I decided to be happy anyway and ended up saying and doing things that really helped the situation – (instead of complaining). It lifted everyone and we solved the problem. Cool. 🙂

  3. My light bulb was a little dim until I heard your WONDERFUL!!! Message.
    Really Appreciated listening to you. The thing is I know these things; it’s just that I was at one of my weak points at the moment.
    It be nice if you had it on CD, Cassette, Paper, etc. so I can send it to others.

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