Raw Food Challenge! Ep233

I am so excited to announce my latest & greatest raw food program…

I have received soooooooooooooo many requests to put together a raw
food program with delicious recipes, a menu planner of what to eat, a live
online forum for support and special daily videos taking you step by step
into raw food nutrition & lifestyle. This complete program has been designed
to give you everything you need to do the raw food diet successfully and
be supported every step of the way!!

Introducing: Raw Radiant Health’s 7 Day Raw Food Challenge!

Unlike any other program out there, this program is LIVE!! Instead of
receiving a menu planner and recipes and being on your own to
‘stick to it and figure it out,’ you actually get support, you get access
to a private online forum where you get to meet everyone else
taking the 7 Day Challenge, have discussions, get your questions
answered, share tips, learn new recipes, and be part of a community
where you are accountable, no slip ups!!! I check into the forum
every day to offer any additional motivation, answer questions and
keep you going!!

The Daily Raw Food Challenge Videos have been made to guide you
through the Challenge and ensure that you learn everything you need
to know about the raw food diet and natural health. Not only do the
videos give you motivation and education, but they also enable you to
do the 7 Day Challenge with confidence and knowledge, plus
empower you to be able to continue on your healthy lifestyle beyond
the 7 Day Challenge.

And, the recipes!!! If you’ve been following my video blog, you know
I make GREAT food!! These recipes are simple, easy and DELICIOUS!!
No special equipment is needed for this Challenge. All you need is a
basic kitchen blender and a knife to cut the fruits and vegetables.

The Challenge’s Menu Planner will layout exactly what you should be
eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks– but you get to choose
out of the array of recipes, what you want to eat. No eating foods you
don’t like!! You get to choose so everything you eat, you enjoy!!!

This is the ULTIMATE 7 Day Raw Food Challenge!! Perfect for anyone
that is new to the raw food diet and wants to give it a try! And for those
of you that are already on a raw food diet but are bored of the same
old meals every day or you’re not sure that your diet is well rounded
and working for you– this program will refresh you, make raw food fun
again and ensure that you are on the path to health & happiness.

The 7 Day Raw Food Challenge starts May 24!!

Sign-up today, spaces are limited!!!

You can join from anywhere in the world, the program is completely
online– recipes, menu planner, shopping lists– it’s all downloadable,
videos are accessed and watched on the online forum–
nothing is shipped!

The next 10 Day Juice Fasting Program starts June 1, right after the 7 Day raw Food Challenge!!! These next few weeks are all about getting your body, health, and energy ready for a fabulous summer. If you want to transform your diet and lose those winter pounds– now is the perfect time!! Sign-up for both the 7 Day Challenge and the 10 Day Juice Fast!! –> https://www.rawradianthealth.com/juicefasting.html

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  1. Oh this challenge should be so helpful. What a great way to just see what 100% raw is like. And just getting to connect with others interested in raw foods is great. Can’t wait.

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