Cleansing & Fasting Ideas For Beginners, Ep189

Everyone needs to give their body & digestive systems a break! Today I give you some ideas of different cleanses and fasts you can do, even if you’ve never done any fasting before!

Cleansing & Fasting Ideas For Beginners, Ep189

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3 thoughts on “Cleansing & Fasting Ideas For Beginners, Ep189

  1. Hi Natasha,

    I am considering signing up for the juice fast, but I just started training for a 5k run in May, do you think it would still be ok to do the fast? We are starting out slow these first few weeks with light jogging and mostly running. If you could let me know your thoughts I would appreciate it! Audrey

  2. What’s the difference between juicing /juice feasting & smoothies? You mentioned that the juicing (with greens) is most restoring.. how come?

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