5 Foods To Add To A Healthy Diet, Ep182

Today I talk about 5 foods I believe should be added to everyone’s diet. These foods will ensure that you are getting proper minerals, have a healthy digestive system, keep your brain & nervous system working at its best and in all– making you feel fabulous!!!

These foods can be found at your local health food store, but if not, click below to get them online:

USA: Click Here

Canada: Click Here

5 Foods To Add To A Healthy Diet, Ep182

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2 thoughts on “5 Foods To Add To A Healthy Diet, Ep182

  1. Hey, Natasha, thanks so much for sharing your info, I dig it and am learning loads from it. I’m living in Scotland where there’s not much raw stuff going on so the only inspiration is on line – so thanks a bundle; much love and happiness to you, keep shining!

  2. What a GREAT video Natasha! What you said about the omega-3’s is SO SO true!!! and yes, the earlier you start the better. I didn’t start eating healthy until I was diagnosed with MS –Multiple Sclerosis (a little over 10 years ago)–but changing my diet (and including more omega-3’s) has made a tremendous impact. I have been able to control my symptoms without taking any medication for over a decade now. My husband, who’s a surgeon, was very skeptical at first that good nutrition could impact MS in any meaningful way, but after doing the research he realized it’s not just MS that can be improved but numerous inflammatory conditions affecting millions of Americans (including obesity, asthma, heart disease, etc). We’ve since shared my story on CNN, The Montel Show, Fox News, etc.

    Anyway, keep up the great job!!!

    thanks so much,
    Ivy Larson

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