Weight Loss Tip- Avoid the Commercials, Ep163

I don’t have a tv, nor have I actually lived with a tv for over 15 years!! I have to say though, I do enjoy going to the gym and running on the treadmill while watching music videos on the tv there! But since the winter set in, I’ve been going to the Bikram yoga studio instead of the flashy gym and have been missing out on the tv. But the other day I did decide to go for an evening run at the gym, and I have to say I was quite mortified by all the commercials. It was prime time and someone on the stairmaster was watching their tv shows. One commercial after another was projecting images of burgers, pizza, cupcakes and anything else you could quickly fit into your microwave. One commercial after another and I thought ‘No wonder people have such cravings and find themselves snacking until midnight!’ Check out today’s episode to find out how you can still enjoy your tv shows without giving into the temptations!

Weight Loss Tip- Avoid the Commercials, Ep163

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  1. Well, I do have a TV but I also want to start exercising and start doing some physical activity. I was wondering if you have some advice as to what treadmill would be a good one to buy. I was thinking about sole f80 but I’m still not sure whether that’s a good choice. Thanks

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