How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloating On A Raw Food Diet, Ep160

Over the weekend I received an email from a viewer that just started the raw food diet. She was concerned because she is having major bloating, gas, constipation for the past 2 weeks and it’s not getting any better. I would be concerned as well!!

This does happen to quite a few people and it also reminds me of the many people who tell me they’d love to eat raw fruits and vegetables but they just get so bloated. I always feel terrible when I hear this because people think its the fruits and vegetables that is causing the bloating and gas– but infact its actually a clogged up intestinal track. Think about it– when a pipe is clogged, nothing can go down, it just sits and putrifies, that exactly what happens to someone who has a clogged up intestinal track– what ever they eat, stays in the stomch too long and starts to ferment, and therefore causing all the gas and bloat. It’s not the food, its the person!!

Check out today’s video and I’ll explain what you can do to unclog your colon, how to eat when you have this problem and other easy tips to ensure no gas or bloating!

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloating On A Raw Food Diet, Ep160

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7 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bloating On A Raw Food Diet, Ep160

  1. what about colonics? i know it is pointless if you don’t eat healthy, but aren’t they a fast and effective way of removing build up?

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  4. Not healthy at all! You look really tired, living on raw fruits and veg all days every day is just not nutritionally sound. Yes, I am qualified to make such a suggestion.

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