Tooth Sensitivity & Raw Food Diet, Ep158

Yesterday I talked about Oil Pulling and how this ancient Ayurvedic technique can not only help heal gum problems, but also whitens teeth! Well I received a comment from a viewer that since this person got on a raw food diet a few weeks ago, they have had sensitive teeth. I was quite alarmed when I read this comment and I know the issue of sensitive teeth does come up– but it shouldn’t– its a red light that something is going on, the food the person is eating may not be balanced and too acidic, they might have a mineral deficiency or they might not be taking proper care of their teeth and gums.

So today I go over what to do if you have sensitive teeth– specifically what to do to in your daily oral care and also diet. I also recommend using Tooth Soap instead of tooth paste, click here for more info on tooth soap.


Tooth Sensitivity & Raw Food Diet, Ep158

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