Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!!! Only the best to come!!!

I’ve put together some Coaching Groups— there are Weight Loss Groups, Transitioning To A Raw Food Diet & Maintaining Healthy Diet Groups, and Clearing-Acne Groups. Each group is 3-4 people, 60 minute sessions over the phone, $20 per person and depending on your availability, we have calls every week or every other week.

This is a perfect way to get your health back on track, lose unwanted weight and FEEL GREAT!!!

To Join a group, send me an email at [email protected]

Moving Forward! Ep144

The next 10-Day Juice Fast will be starting January 2, 2010!! Right after the holidays– a perfect time to jump start your healthy lifestyle, do a cleanse, lose weight and get back to feeling fabulous again!!! Click Here to sign up!