Get Back On Track With Your Diet, Ep141

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!!

Over the weekend I received a lot of emails from people letting me know what they ate and how much!! What is most important is to have no regret. Holiday time is the time for celebration and to be with your loved ones. Now that the holidays are coming to an end and we are so close to starting a whole new decade– this is the time to really start afresh and start the new year strong!!!

Starting in January I am putting more coaching groups together that will be targeting specific goals like: weight loss, clearing acne, transitioning to a raw food or healthy diet, and even a group for those already on a raw food diet that want to get better results. Each coaching call is 60 minutes, $20/person and 3-4 people per group. Click HERE more information!!

If you would be interested in joining one of these groups, email me at [email protected]

Get back On Track With Your Diet, Ep141

The next 10-Day Juice Fast will be starting January 2, 2010!! Right after the holidays– a perfect time to jump start your healthy lifestyle, do a cleanse, lose weight and get back to feeling fabulous again!!! Click Here to sign up!