Healing Health Conditions Naturally- PCOS, Heels Spurs, Ep122

So today I decided to update you on how my own health journey is going. As you may know from a video I did over the summer, I reversed Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) naturally with a raw food diet. I did have one symptom though that was still lingering and towards the end of the summer/early fall I was able to reverse it as well while doing a lot of Juice Fasting.

Over the past few months I have been doing a lot of Juice Fasting and hosting monthly 10-Day Juice Fasting Programs, I find it the easiest and fastest way to reverse chronic health conditions. Even just making sure to have a few cups of green juice every day makes all the difference.

So check out today’s video to hear my story of what I recently reversed and also hear about what I’m still working on!!

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Healing Health Conditions Naturally- PCOS, Heels Spurs, Ep122

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5 thoughts on “Healing Health Conditions Naturally- PCOS, Heels Spurs, Ep122

  1. You’re very inspirational. On days I just don’t wanna do it and wanna take the easy way out and eat garbage I watch your video and you’re just so dern happy and energetic.
    I want to feel like that!
    I’ve got my very first batch of raw corn chips going in the dehydrator. Tomorrow I’ll eat them with homemade salsa.
    : )

  2. Thanks for sharing how you overcame health challenges. I have been inspired to start juicing these past few months because of these videos. I have alot of joint pain, so I am excited to see how green juice will help.

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