Raw Lunch Ideas Vegetable Sprout Boats Recipe, Ep114

Happy Friday Everyone!! 🙂

Its been a while since I’ve done any food demos and today I decided to show you how I make my favorite lunch! Super fast, easy & yummy!

Raw Lunch Ideas Vegetable Sprout Boats Recipe, Ep114

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7 thoughts on “Raw Lunch Ideas Vegetable Sprout Boats Recipe, Ep114

  1. Hey Natasha! I admire you so much. You have an amazing personality and I love your recipes and ideas.
    When I tell my friends (I’m in college) that I’m trying to only eat raw foods, they just don’t get it.
    They think I have an eating disorder, although I have always been quite skinny.
    It’s also very difficult to keep up with my diet ’cause I live in a house full of students. And they have a tradition to always eat together… candy full of sugar, chips and other unhealthy foods are all over the place!
    Do you have any tips? I want to be a raw-foodist, but I don’t know how to combine that with college life..
    Greetings, Carola

  2. Wow, great show again!
    I love, love lettuce wraps, they are the awesomest, we even call them at home sushi, cause you cat make them like that too!
    I am on my 8th day of juice feasting and loving the experience. I am at the same time very nervous cause my cravings are still so strong! I did a colonics, have been doing lots of water and great juices, what if I give in to my really unhealthy addictions, one of them being coffee (and that is the least bad of the stuff that I crave right now)???? Do you have any suggestions?
    You rawk!

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