What Cooked Foods Are Healthy? Ep113

I receive emails daily asking me all sorts of questions on cooked food. So today I decided to base the episode on cooked food, answer the questions and give you a rundown as to what cooked foods are healthy and which ones to stay away from.

What Cooked Foods Are Healthy? Ep113

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4 thoughts on “What Cooked Foods Are Healthy? Ep113

  1. Like a vege patty burger, that comes in a platic package in a box, you have to start wondering. Natasha if I could I would hug you for just that comment. it is so beautiful to get your perspective. You are helping me, while I drink my green 2 cup juice and watching this video portion. Thanks. Anthony.

  2. It’s amazing just how “smart” your body is when you’re pregnant (not sure why it isn’t at other times – for me anyways). I always say the healthiest time in my life was when I was pregnant with my son. All of a sudden anything in a can or a box just disgusted me. Looking at it in the store, thinking about it…. needless to say it went nowhere near my mouth. Same went for meat. I couldn’t look at it, couldn’t smell it cooking….
    I ate more raw fruits and veggies and home cooked meals then than I ever had before or since. They picked on me at work sometimes because they could always tell what I was deficient in… I’d be sitting at my desk drinking a big jug of orange juice with a tray of cut up oranges and lemons. Hmmm vitamin C? LOL

    I’m hoping to get my body back to that point. I’m just starting a mostly raw diet right now and I’m craving a lot of citrus again. I have gallstones. Citrus fruits are good for breaking those up. Hmmmm is that my body talking to me again? ; )

  3. Do you (or anyone reading this) have the sources for the studies that show the nutrient loss with heating? I would love to read the papers.

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