Celery & Grapefruit Juice Recipe, Ep109

I went out last weekend with a friend to a nearby café and had the most fabulous juice– so good that it’s now my favorite juice!!

The juice only has 2 ingredients– 1/2 bunch of celery & 1 grapefruit– easy and yummy (and cheap!)

Celery & Grapefruit Juice Recipe, Ep109

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5 thoughts on “Celery & Grapefruit Juice Recipe, Ep109

  1. Does the celery take away the tart in the grapefruit? I’m not a big grapefruit fan but this actually sounds interesting.

  2. Natasha thank you soooooo much for all the inspiration!!!! You are incredible.
    You really are a poster child for raw food but also for optimism. The celery juice was great. 🙂

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