How To Gain & Maintain Weight On A Raw Food Diet, Ep108

Many people get on the raw food diet because they want to be healthy, but unfortunately there are a lot of people that lose too much weight and too fast. It can be very frustrating for those who want to eat healthy but can not maintain their weight.

Today I give some tips on how to avoid losing too much weight (especially if you don’t need too!) and how to maintain your weight when getting on a raw food diet.

How To Gain & Maintain Weight On A Raw Food Diet, Ep108

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11 thoughts on “How To Gain & Maintain Weight On A Raw Food Diet, Ep108

  1. Thank you! I started a mostly raw foods lifestyle several months ago without any need to lose weight…so this videoblog speaks directly to me. I’ll be more vigilant about making sure the nuts/seeds are soaked overnight & that I’m eating them w/ greens as much as possible. very helpful.

  2. Your videos are my daily pep talk!! Thank you for discussing this topic… great info to help me take in more calories and digest them properly. I have chlorella tablets which I have tried to chew but struggle with the taste. Will I digest them properly if I swallow them whole?? Love and gratitude for supporting me on my raw food journey!!!!!

  3. This one spoke right to me, I have always had a hard time keep weight on and have been up and down between 90-100 lb because of health problems for the past year. I’m juicing and getting smoothies to get a lot of my nutrients because my intestines are damaged from the gluten problem too. With the severe vitamin deficiencies plus the inability to absorb them properly it’s the only way I can think of to get what my body needs right now. Doctors just give you a pill for each deficiency they find but that really don’t help with the overall problems of not getting the nutrients to begin with. Your story sounds a lot like mine, I had problems for a long time and have problems with things like dairy and gluten plus preservatives and pesticides not to mention other allergies that don’t have to do with eating. I was joking before that at this rate I would be on the raw food diet just because I couldn’t eat anything else… turns out it’s not much of a joke!

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