What’s In My Raw Food Fridge? Ep103

The most common question I’m asked is ‘What do you eat?’ I’ve had friends come to my home and ask if they could sneak a peak into my refrigerator just to see what’s in there, what a raw foodist eats!! I’ve always found it quite funny! I’ve received a lot of email of people asking what I eat everyday, so I figure I might as well give a little tour of the food I stock in my kitchen.

So, take a look…

What\’s In My Raw Food Fridge? Ep103

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2 thoughts on “What’s In My Raw Food Fridge? Ep103

  1. It’s blowin my mind how much food you eat on a raw food diet. At this point with my stomach issues I barely eat enough to keep a baby squirrel alive.

    Hopefully when I make the switch (3 days!!!) my appetite will pick up or I’m in big trouble!

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