Raw Food Experts, Ep95

There is so much information out there on health– even with the raw food diet, there is a lot of conflicting views from different experts. It can be very confusing and discouraging! So today I talk about how to sift through the information and the ‘Experts’ to find what works for you.

You are your best expert!

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Raw Food Experts, Ep95

5 thoughts on “Raw Food Experts, Ep95

  1. thanks for covering this topic! I needed to hear it and so many others I’m sure. It’s so true isn’t it? And to that person with the “not-so-perfect-juicer” continue to juice, it sounds like you are enjoying it which is the MAIN thing! Your cells are loving you for it.I believe your attitude makes all the difference..you could have the best juicer in the world,but if you have a bad attitude, it will hinder your progress. Are thoughts are just as important than how or what we consume.

  2. awesome and motivational!! a great reminder to keep things simple, relax and not take things so seriously. The green juice I have been making recently with my well used Champion juicer has an inch of green foam on top. I am cutting my veg pieces smaller which seems to help reduce the foam…any suggestions. I have been planning to reward myself for maintaining and thriving on a raw food diet with a green star juicer – maybe this is a sign to go for it!

  3. @Geraldine
    I totally agree agree Geraldine. I once heard David Wolfe say “the best juicer is the one in your kitchen!” How true. We shouldn’t get too caught up in the details just enjoy what is and listen to our bodies– we know best 🙂

  4. @Susan
    I have a Champion too. And yes I get the foam. What I do is strain the juice either through a nut milk bag or just through a fine metal mesh strainer– this helps to reduce the foam a lot. I have been thinking a lot about the Green Star too!! If you do buy it, let me now how it goes and if you like it. I heard that it doesn’t juice fruit so well… and I’ve also heard that the Hurom Slow Juicer is very good– greens, fruit and wheatgrass– that too is an idea.

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