Healthy, Low Calorie Apple Cinnamon Dessert Recipe, Ep94

It’s apple season and I made a fabulously EASY dessert that everyone can enjoy– no guilt, and all pleasure!! 🙂 This recipe is perfect, especially when you are having a sweet craving.

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Healthy, Low Calorie Apple Cinnamon Dessert Recipe, Ep94

Apple Cinnamon Dessert

3 Apples

1/2 – 1 tsp ground Cinnamon (or more!)

-Shred apples in food processor or on a vegetable/cheese grater. Place on a dish and sprinkle cinnamon.


10 thoughts on “Healthy, Low Calorie Apple Cinnamon Dessert Recipe, Ep94

  1. Another great dish!!! with fall flavor!
    LOve, love, love your videos!!!

    PS any cooked veggies give me gas now…is it the sign of my body saying no to any cooked food?

  2. LOVE this one!! Love all your videos keep it up! I just signed up for the November 1st juice fast… can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Wow was it ever good!!! I did add up some fresh lemon juice for that sweetart taste that I’ve been craving (it helps with morning sickness) I have to be careful with the amount of cinnamon I take (not a good idea to take to much during pregnancy) But overall I’m not feeling guilty on eating this for a few days in row, whatever my stomach will allow me to eat I eat 🙂

  4. I love apples, and this is really simple. Many mornings I have something very similar which we call raw oatmeal in my house. I chop up apples, bananas and put a small dab of raw almond butter, sprinkle some cinnamon and pulse it in the food processor. Once ready, it looks and tastes like oatmeal and we eat it with shredded coconut.
    My daughter loves this too!!
    Keep up the good work and give us more recipes!!!!

  5. @Ildiko
    Ildiko I’m going to try this recipe– that sounds super yum!! Thank you for sharing!! Another great apple recipe is slicing apples and spreading a thin layer of tahini and sprinkle cinnamon on top– oh, soooooooo yum! (you know I love tahini!)

  6. Interesting! When I mentioned to several people I was going raw they all said “wow stay away from me, you’ll have horrible gas”. I’m guessing from your posts that’s not true!

    And… LOVED this video. Due to my braces I can’t bite into an apple (even if I slice it in half it’s hard) but I don’t want applesauce. NEVER thought to grate it! Fantastic!

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