Reverse Receding Gums, Ep90

When I first went on a 100% raw vegan diet, one of my first benefits was reversing my receding gums. I had been scheduled to have my gums graphed in 4 areas of my mouth. I had one area done, but the experience was soooooooo painful, I kept putting off the other procedures. When I went on a raw food diet all the receding gum areas went back to normal within 2 months!! Amazing, I even went to see the dentist to confirm what I had noticed and I never had a problem since.

So today I talk about some of the things I have learned and done along the way to have strong dental health.

Reverse Receding Gums, Ep90

BTW, the only dental cleaner I recommend is Tooth Soap (not tooth paste!!) Click on the picture for more info, or click ==>


10 thoughts on “Reverse Receding Gums, Ep90

  1. Great video!!! and thank you so much for the tips I will look into tooth soap I have the receding gum problem and refuse any surgery!!! Pregnancy and gum surgery is a big no no!!!

  2. Hi Natasha thank you for the great info as usual. I use my morning urine to massage my gum and brush my teeth. I don’t consume any sugary juices or do dry fruits. Auto urine therapy is the best for any kind of pain in the body and i believe it is the best prevention for gum or teeth problems along with balanced diet, mostly raw of course.

  3. @Renee
    Yes, try to avoid the gum surgery- its terrible. I would suggest looking into oil pulling– infact i wil do a video on it next week. This helped my gums and its safe for pregnancy (and it whitens teeth!!). Make sure to floss twice a day and afetr you eat rinse you mouth out with water and a pinch of celtic sea salt (sea salt id a great anti-inflamatory for the mouth.) Don’t over brush and be very gentle with brushing your teeth. I use an electric tooth brush which help massage the gums.

  4. @Bela
    Hi Bela I know some people who swear by urine therapy!! Also try massaging Neem oil on the gums– its not the best smelling, but i’ve had great results with it as well.

  5. Natasha,
    i landed onto your site when doing extensive research on reversing gum disease on the net and have been taken in by your amazing videos. I have been a vegetarian all my life. Now i am transitioning to RAW. thanks for all the motivation and inspiratoin. I have advanced periodontal condition (they say) with bone loss. I refuse to get surgery done after hearing so many horror stories. I ordered toothsoap. started doing oil pulling as well. Will see the results.
    I also wanted to know from you what you thought about products like ORAMD. They seem to have very strong (too good to be true?) claims on reversing gum disease.

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