Do You Want To Be Average? Ep85

I received an email last night with a great question! I was asked how a person can re-motivate themselves to get back on a raw food diet when everyone surrounding this person is eating junk food and doing fine. Why is it some people do well on processed sugary food and others are way too sensitive and feel terrible on that type of food.

I love the question, and here is my answer!!

Do You Want To Be Average? Ep85

5 thoughts on “Do You Want To Be Average? Ep85

  1. This kind of question has been in the back of my mind. What a wise response!!!!!!
    And inspiration for me!
    I have always wondered how come some people eat burgers, pizza, beer and have the clearest skin?? But you are right if you look closer- they do have signs and side effects of mainstream diet.
    Raising standards – that will keep me going!!!!!
    Thank you again for being there for us!

  2. It can be lonely on the “leading edge” so word of wisdom and comfort like this help me to maintain my focus and be true to myself!! So thank you thank you thank you for your unwavering support and guidance. P.S You are very insightful for such a young age.

  3. @Natasha Rihs
    I always ask myself– ‘How far do i want to take my life?’ Most people just get by with the pizza, burgers and beer– they get by and sometimes it catches up to them, sometimes it doesn’t– but they just get by– me, I want to take my life as far as it can go!! We can do it!! 🙂

  4. @susan
    Yes it can be lonely on the ‘leading edge’ but the happiness and wellness one feels when one takes care of oneself is sooooooooooo worth it. Life is to be enjoyed and to enjoy it, we’ve got to feel good 🙂

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