Is Sugar Bad For You?, Ep78

Today I talk all about sugar. I used to be addicted to sugar, like hard core!!!! Getting off of sugar was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also the main thing that turned my life around. I truly believe that sugar is the underlying cause of most, if not all, health problems.

Recently I read a great book about sugar, it gives you the full story of sugar, its history, how it’s made, what it does to you, etc.. fabulous book and a must read for anyone that once had an uncontrolable relationship with sugar, or for someone that needs the information & motivation to stop.

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Is Sugar Bad For You?, Ep78

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10 thoughts on “Is Sugar Bad For You?, Ep78

  1. ok…this video really woke me up today! I have tried numerous countless times to get off a heavy sugar addiction for years. have done so many cleansings programs which grounded me and banished all my sugar cravings. The minute I have any type of emotional stress I seemed to turn to sugar as my comfort food. Fruits are great, juices are great, honey is great too but it doesn’t replace the cravings my body seems to be addicted to.I have decided its time to cut off the emotional addiction and unhealthy pampering and allow my full potential to shine through. Sugar is a drug, probably worst than any drug or alcohol. Hey someone should start a sugar addicts hotline…hhhmmmm!?!? I just ordered the book you recommended. Thanks for the motivation, im back on track and this time it’s for good. I cant wait for the 10 day juice feast:)

  2. @Joanne
    Joanne, you are sooooooooooo right on track!!! I know from my own experience i had to get to a point where I hit rock bottom with it, where I couldn’t bear it anymore. It’s one thing to know how bad something is, its another when you know with your heart and soul that you have got to just walk away from it. As hard as it is, every step in the other direction counts, and its one step at a time, one day at a time!
    You know, alcohol is pure sugar, cigarettes are dipped in sugar— sugar is a drug, a serious drug!!!
    This juice feast is going to rock!! I can just sense it that everyone involved are going to make some serious strides in their lives and over come the obstacles that are in their way of realizing GREATNESS! 🙂

  3. thanks for this wonderful video!!!! Since I was a child I always had tummy problem with sugar so I was the odd kid that would ask for a piece of carrots at other kids birthday party instead of the birthday cake!

    So I totoly agree sugar (BAD KIND)

  4. Sorry my 2 1/2 years old press enter LOL

    …. So ya bad sugar is very bad for you, in my case make me very sick. I wonder is anyone had that problem with it since childhood?

    Have a wonderful day my dear!


  5. @Renee
    Renee you are so lucky– I know there are a lot people out there so hooked on sugar (I was one of them), that they would give the world to have an adverse reaction to it. What fortune you have!!!!

    My parents were really into health food when I was growing up– we weren’t allowed any junk food or processed food and during the holidays when we were given chocolate, desserts, etc.. my brother would always just lose it, have terrible temper tantrums– every year, every holiday- its the sugar.

  6. Hey thanks for the book recommendation! I’ve been nicotine free for almost six weeks now! woohoo! but i’ve totally used sugar mainly CHOCOLATE as my crutch. I will definately be checking out this book so i can be rid of this addiction as well. Love your videos keep em coming!

  7. I bought that book years ago and thought “yeah right it can’t be that hard to get off sugar” I wasn’t a big snack eater so I just avoided foods that had sugar that I was unaware had any in it!
    After about 3 days I actually caught myself daydreaming about dumping sugar into my mouth with a funnel. Needless to say I made it about 1 more day. I had to get a sugar fix or I would have attacked the next person I saw with a cookie.
    I went from not eating junk food to craving it every single day all day long!!!!!!

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