Day 9 On Juice Fast- Insomnia, Cravings, Detox, Ep70

I am on Day 9 of my Juice Feast!!! Its has been quite a journey— all sorts of detox reactions, cravings and crazy dreams!!! But on the good side, I’m finally sorting out some issues of insomnia, the late night eating has come to an end and I am adding even more healthy habits into my daily life!

So, in today’s video I talk all about how my juice feast is going, what changes I’m experiencing and what I’m learning about myself. Its all good!

I’m wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!!

Day 9 On Juice Fast, Ep70

Today’s Food:

Juice Juice Juice

(kale, sprouts, celery, cucumbers, pineapple, mangoes, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, plums)

1/2 Cup Coconut Water Kefir

7 thoughts on “Day 9 On Juice Fast- Insomnia, Cravings, Detox, Ep70

  1. That’s wonderful Natasha. I did the master cleanse about 3 years ago for 10 days. It was tough! I missed chewing the most. My father still drinks the lemonaide almost everyday.

  2. I think you’re spot on re: emotional and physical baggage being interlinked. Good on you for recognising and sharing (:
    Also, I watch your blogs reguarly, you’re a wee ray of sunlight in my day, so thanks!

  3. Ok..on a personal level. I really admire how open you are… people really need that “RAW” lol personality. About the weight being emotional. I have been thinking this for many years. Lets break it down physically so our minds have something to rationalize. I believe everything is energy. Soo, when it comes to weight loss or gain, what is it that we lose or gain? Well, physiologically speaking, we always have the same amount of fat cells… unless we suck them out with liposuction, we never gain any CELLS or lose them.. they just expand or shrink. That being said, what expands them? I believe a lot of it is extra waste or even nutrients that your body holds onto because it isn’t in harmony for some reason and can’t use or expel them. Of course extra water.. then I honestly, with my core being, feel that we hold our emotions in our fat cells. Since a thought can be measured, a thought IS a thing! It has substance. You put an emotional (physical) response with a thought, then not being able to deal with it appropriately.. boom.. our fat cells swell with it.
    Of course that is just one small part of it.. and just theory. But, perhaps since that is coming to you it is something you need to deal with. I am having terrible cravings. Not giving into them.. but, want to so so so so so bad! I had my first McDonald’s craving today. I know it’s not real food. I know how terrible it is. I still want it. Thank goodness my will power is holding out. I ate a frozen banana instead (my new fave!). I had never had frozen bananas before. =)
    Many blessings to you. When I am done nursing I will do a juice feast and tell you all about it. Right now I am starting the day with a quart of juice though. I love it. I use 1 cucumber, 1 Romain heart, 2 carrots, 2-3 celery stalks, 2 garlic, piece of ginger and 1 red apple. I have a Jack LaLane (sp) juicer, so it doesn’t juice kale or wheatgrass or anything that isn’t fluid rich. I eventually want to get away from the red apple. I need it to sweeten it and get it down. I do believe that too much sugar… especially without the fiber will be too much for your body. So, the carrots and the red apple is a bit much .. but, I am getting the greens down. I make a green smoothie for lunch or snack and that is when I get my kale and chard and wheatgrass.
    BIG HUGS!!!

  4. @Cindy
    I love that Cindy! Yes our outsides do reflect our inside and vice versa. I do believe that sometimes we need that extra ‘cushioning’, either to ‘protect’ us from the outside, as well as the inside. But nothing is set in stone, and I know at the right time, it will just release. I can feel it, and I know I am getting closer to the tiny stream I have to cross!!
    No one is perfect (and who wants to be, life would be soooo boring!!) With everything, there is opportunity, and I know that with this experience I am growing into someone I love. 😉
    The craving, ah the cravings– I can assure you on one thing, there will be a day where you will pass McD’s and not even think about it or infact be inside and not even contemplate eating what it has to offer. The day will come soon where you look at fast food for what it really is and you will be happy with what you have. This will come sooner than you think:)
    Awesome with the juices Cindy!!! I’m lovin’ that you put garlic in your morning juice– you go girl!! (last winter I developed a crazy addiction to garlic juice– garlic, cilantro and basil juice– with tomato and cayenne–oi!!!). Keep up the juices, every juice you have will wash away those cravings!
    You are doing awesome!! 🙂

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