Good Digestion & Food Combining, Ep58

Too many people have problems with their digestive system and one thing that can make a huge difference is proper food combining. Today I explain what food combining is and how to use it while eating cooked or raw foods. Just simply knowing what foods are best to eat alone and which foods digest well together can dramatically improve your digestive health and eliminate many problems including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, indigestion, Acid Reflux, constipation, gas and bloating.

Good Digestion & Food Combining, Ep58

Today’s Food:

1 pineapple

2 cup Green Smoothie (2 bok choys, cantaloupe, persimmon)

4 cups Green Smoothie (1/2 bunch kale,  bananas, blueberries, hemp seeds, dulse)

1 Cantaloupe

1 pint Blueberries

2 Persimmons

Zucchini & Sesame Paté

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

7 thoughts on “Good Digestion & Food Combining, Ep58

  1. Can I just add here,.. I am reading a book by Gabriel Cousins, Rainbow Green Live- Food Cuisine. He says, “Grains do ferment. This fermentation is the mixture of the starch, sugar, and sometimes the yeast. The result of these products is alcohol and gas. The alcohol is a mycotoxic by-product and can create what we refer to by the phrase, “food drunk”. Alcohol is a protoplasmic poison, which means that it has a negative effect on any cell in the body.”

    I forwarded this to my whole family. My sister is KNOWN for every time she eats she gets gitty!!! Know I look at that as her extreme sensitivity to grains and the food that she is eating. Even the sugar…if she has a yeast overgrowth, feed it sugar and then it ferments and produces alcohol and gets her drunk. It has always been funny…now I am sad. She is making an effort to change now.

    Thank you for your video.. The best part about the raw food is that you don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to food combining as you do with cooked foods. A typical raw food breakfast is a green smoothie.. yet, a cooked breakfast is heavy meat with potatoes and bread! Complete overload.

  2. Hi Natasha,
    thanks for this video, food combining is so important and this helped a lot.

    So if the fibers of the greens and/or veges allows you to mix them with nuts and fats in a salad and greens with fruits in a smoothie, then is it true to say that due to the lack of fibre in juices you can’t add fruits to vege juices as this will hinder proper digestion?

    I was adding lots of fruits to my vege juices (to make it more palatable) and was told by different sources this was incorrect but no one could give me a solid reason why…

  3. @Cindy
    Much Much easier with the raw food!! I can relate to your sister’s fermented drunkeness, I get the same thing when I eat fruit at the end of a meal (like after i’ve eaten a heavy raw food meal with nut or seeds) and if I eat fruit straight afterwards, I feel hazy, jittery and slightly spacey and completely off. Once you know it– its easier to change the habit. Once in a while though I do give into my sweet craving– there are things that are much much much worse!! 🙂

  4. @Geraldine
    The reason why people say not to add fruit to green juice is not so much about the food combining (for some people the combination can make them bloated, but its quite rare and it really isn’t about the juice as it is what you are eating before and after the juice!!), The real issue about adding fruit to the juice is the fact that when you juice the fruit, the fiber is removed from the fruit, the sugar enters the blood stream immediately and can have negative effects on someone who has a sugar sensitivity or insulin resistance. So pretty much, Geraldine, if you feel good drinking the green juice with fruit, it gives you energy and you are enjoying it– then yes, have it, and don’t be bothered by what others say!!! If it zaps your energy and you don’t feel good after drinking it, then lower the amount of fruit and try just adding low glycemic fruits like berries or green apple.

  5. I’m ignoring all my doctor’s advice and going on a raw diet. I’m pretty excited about it except the main reason I’m switching is because I have gastroparesis. I don’t absorb nutrients because my stomach doesn’t digest. Food just sits in it and rots pretty much (they tried putting me on drugs for this that have HORRIBLE side effects and I said no thanks and Kombucha and kefir are helping with breaking foods up but I digress)…
    My question: My doctor’s #1 piece of advice was to avoid raw foods. Raw fruits and vegetables are full of fiber which is apparently very hard for your stomach to digest. My eyebrows were probably up on top of my head because she assured me of this a half dozen times. I still don’t believe it. She told me to cook my food pretty much to a baby food consistency. Blaugh!
    What’s your opinion on this?

    P.S. I had to laugh when she told me in the morning I should sip club soda. In the afternoon coke and gatorade. At night Sprite. I guess the sugar and carbonation calms the stomach and somehow moves food out. So her advice was to avoid eating raw and to GREATLY increase the amount of soda I drink. ~giggle~ No thanks.

  6. @Candace
    Wow Candace, I am happy you got a good giggle out of your doctor’s advice! I have a suggestion for you. First thing in the morning put a tablespoon of non-pasteurized pure apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink. This will help build up the HCL in your stomach which will help to break thing down in your stomach. Instead of cooking things into baby food– throw it all in the blender and let the blender break things down– this way you get all the nutrition and are eating living food! Also if you have a juicer, get on the green juices, star with 1 cup a day and work your way up!

  7. Hey, thanks for the video where you mentioned my problem… and my silly doctor!

    You gave me an idea: I’m going to start out on a juice fast instead of trying to eat raw food straight off the bat. I’ve been eating more fruit and raw veggies but my stomach doesn’t seem to feel better. A smoothie would probably be better, you’re right!!!
    The human body REALLY is an amazing thing! It can take SO much abuse! For over 10 years I had one BM a month. ONE!!! People always joke that if I was any more mellow I’d be sleeping. I’ve been slowly dieing! have no energy!!!

    I finally found an herbal laxative that works (even the prep they give you for colonoscopys does nothing to me) and once I got my intestines working all hay broke loose!
    I think it was loosening up toxins that had been sitting dormant for years and years and years that started it. I ended up at the drs over 30 times in 6 months in the worst pain of my life!
    I have repeat blockages in my intestines, stones in my liver, gallbladder (the only way they could find it on an ultrasound was that it was a cluster of stones), and pancreas. And I have gastroparesis. So from beginning to end my digestive system is in BIG trouble! My doctor is itching to cut me open. An open wound amongst years of festering crud? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me! Again I had to say no thank you!
    She yelled at me. I never went back.
    So what you said about a green smoothie having you running to the bathroom if you drink too much at first sounds like heaven! I’ve been clogged up for so long I would like projectile diarhea please!
    ; P

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