About Fasting & How To Have A Successful Fast and Detox, Ep53

A few weeks ago I was asked about fasting & cleansing– what my view was on it. So today I explain what different types of fasts you can do and how to go about doing it. I thinks fasting is great, but in the long run, what’s even better– a raw food diet with cardiovascular exercise!!!!

About Fasting & How To Have A Successful Fast and Detox, Ep53

Today’s Food:

1.5 cantaloupe

3 Cups cherries

1/2 papaya + lime

4 Cups green smoothie (1 bunch kale, bananas, blueberries, hemp seeds, dulse)

1 fig

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

4 thoughts on “About Fasting & How To Have A Successful Fast and Detox, Ep53

  1. Hi! I had a question in regards to fasting. I am wondering if instead of juice fasting or juice feasting I could make myself smoothies. I was thinking in particular of young coconut water and its flesh? Once, I did a mini fast and had such a problem with vertigo, I had to stop. Do you happen to know the cause of vertigo? Thanks for your help, Elaina [email protected]

  2. @Elaina
    Yes you can definitely do a smoothie/liquid diet- all good (and the fiber is great to keep you regular as well!) Vertigo is caused by stress and also inner ear problems– what probably happened is that when we fast we start releasing mucous and congestion– which probably started draining fluid and congestion from the ear and cause an inner-ear reaction. Hope this helps!!

  3. Hey Natasha. Your hair looks beautiful in this video (:
    just a query, is it okay for teens to fast? My doc told me that lack of calories would stunt growth, so I’ve been scared to not eat enough and go to bed hungry. Also, whats the best you can do if your feeling hungry in bed but are really don’t want to eat so late?
    Thanks (:

  4. @Hannah
    Hi Hannah!! Great questions. I agree with your doctor, when you are a teen its a time to grow and build your body, so eat and nourish yourself!!! Make sure you eat plenty during the day so you aren’t hungry at night. If you find yourself hungry at night, try having a larger dinner, or have some veggie juice or some fruit as a light snack in the evening.

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