Bread Cravings and Sunflower & Hemp Seed Dip Recipe, Ep40

When going 100% raw or transitioning into a high raw diet, we all have certain foods that we are attached to. I’ve noticed that quite a few people just can’t let go of the bread!!! So today’s episode I offer you some ideas and substitutes that have worked well for me, including this fabulous dip that I’ve created, it just hits the spot!!


Sunflower & Hemp Seed Dip:

2 Cups soaked & sprouted hulled Sunflower Seeds

1/2 Cup hulled Sesame Seeds

1/2 Cup shelled Hemp Seeds

1/3 Cup red onion

1 Cup loosely chopped fresh Parsley

2 lemons (juice of)

4 medium cloves garlic

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp cumin

1 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

Wash hulled Sunflower Seeds, and soak in water for 8 hours. Rinse and drain and place in a colander for 2 hours at room temperature (for Sunflower Seeds to sprout).

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth (if the blender is having a difficult time blending, you can always add 1/4C – 1/2 C water to get the blender started.

Bread Cravings and Sunflower & Hemp Seed Dip Recipe, Ep40

Today’s food:

1 Cup green juice (spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, kiwi)

1 Pint blueberries

1/2 Cup raspberries

1.5 litres green smoothie (kale, bananas, blueberries, dulse, hemp seeds)

Sunflower & Hemp Seed Dip

1 head Cauliflower

1 pint cherry tomatoes

1/2 red pepper

1/2 cucumber

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

1 hour running

21 thoughts on “Bread Cravings and Sunflower & Hemp Seed Dip Recipe, Ep40

  1. Hi Natasha…looks yum! I know I have dealt with bread cravings, I never thought about your tip on bananas, but is does make sense.

    I am sure you get tons of questions. I know you do a lot of running, any suggestions for someone that is training for their first half marathon and some smaller runs? I am getting told to have lots of carbs…pasta, etc. But I do not eat that, what is a good raw replacement for pasta and those protein bars?


  2. Wow, such great recipe, looks so yum!! So gonna make this soon!!!
    I have never even heard about bananas as replacement for bread craving, but makes sense. I was laughing though, cause when we went vegan my favourite pig out food was kamut bread, vegan mayo and bananas. mmmmmmm…

  3. awesome! thanks Natasha, I can’t wait to make this dip tomorrow. pure yum! By the way, I beat the bread cravings and have been bread free for 3 weeks now!

  4. @Audrey
    You can go the fruit route– or you can also experiment with adding a little protein/fat to it– some might completely freak out with what I’m going to say, (this goes completely against traditional food combining rules!!!) but I find something like apple and a bit of tahini or almond butter always sustains me for longer duration. I find when I eat too much fruit I feel like I’m hitting a wall, the sugar knocks me out. But if I add the protein/fat, just a bit– it slows it down. I’ve also heard of some marathoners eating dried fruit before races (figs, dates, etc..)

  5. @Ildiko
    I have to giggle with your pig out food– most people pig out on pizza and ice cream, I love that you go the vegan mayo & bread route– thats awesome!!

  6. @Neven
    I am sooooooooooo HAPPY!!! Wonderful!! I make batches of this stuff for a lot of clients transitioning to raw, something about the garlic and seed dip, it hits the spot (and they don’t even see it as ‘raw’.) 🙂

  7. Thanks Natasha and “Poofball”!!! Great tips! My first half marathon was on Sunday in Chicago, I finished, yeah!! The night before I had some fruit and almond butter and some fruit and almond butter in the morning, very yum! I really prefer that than any pasta!!!

  8. @Audrey
    Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! I am happy to hear that the fruit & nut butter worked out for you, perfect!!! 🙂 I used to live in Chicago many years ago– I loved it and at this time of year I always think of Lake Michigan! 🙂

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