Kitchen Equipment & Getting Started On A Raw Food Diet, Ep35

Getting started on a raw food diet can be daunting, especially when you look through raw food recipe books that list 10+ ingredients for just one dish and you have to use all sorts of equipment you have never heard of or seen before! Trust me, I’ve been there! When I first got started on a  100% raw food diet I didn’t even have a proper chef knife– but that didn’t hold me back and in fact it made the whole experience all the more fun and entertaining!!

So, on todays episode I talk all about kitchen equipment and what I believe you need when you get started on a raw food diet.

Kitchen Equipment & Getting Started On A Raw Food Diet, Ep35

Today’s Food:

2 bananas

1 Cup cherries

2 Cups watermelon

1.5 Litres green smoothie (banana, kiwi, kale, mango, spirulina, spring water)

3/4 Cup sprouted pumpkin & sunflower seeds

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Equipment & Getting Started On A Raw Food Diet, Ep35

  1. so, when you bike, is it like tour de france style, or more like sunday morning style? just curious, cause i love biking 😉

  2. yea, i think the blender is the most important for me cause i love smoothies. i don’t think the dehydrator, spiralizer and such are too necessary because then things can really start to get too complicated. raw food should be enjoyable, but simple, simple, simple, and as fresh and whole as possible. peace and sunshine for you!

  3. Yes, I totally agree that our food has to be enjoyable and the simpler, the better. We have all we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @poofball
    I have to giggle about the bike question— I think it’s a little bit of both!! Lets just say I’m not wearing the Tour de France uniform, more Sunday Casual shorts and T-shirt, but I definitely ride like the Tour De France (something about the speed and fresh air brings out my competitive fire– watch out!!!)

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