Weigh-In & Being Consistent On Your Diet, Ep27

Today I had my weigh-in and the scale isn’t moving!!!! Its time for me to tweak my approach. I did great all week, but once the weekend came around, everything flew out the window and I was eating my favorite honey & tahini late night right before bed. And well, whatever weight that came off last week, crept back on over the weekend!! So its time for me to be consistent. Today I talk about looking at our diet in a bigger picture and the importance of giving our all in our weight loss journey, because the reality is, the weight loss isn’t going to be forever. Once we lose the weight, its gone and we can move on!!!

Weigh-In & Being Consistent On Your Diet, Ep27

Today’s Food:

1 cantaloupe melon

3 bananas

2 mangos

1 Cup watermelon

1 large salad (romaine, sprouts, red onion, red bell pepper, tomato, avocado, lemon)

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

3 thoughts on “Weigh-In & Being Consistent On Your Diet, Ep27

  1. Hi Natasha,
    Thanks for the inspiring words! I am getting ready to go on a trip, where everyone I will be with is not raw, and some don’t approve of my lifestyle. Any advice for being raw when traveling and in this situation?
    Thanks so much!

  2. @Audrey
    Great questions!!!– on today’s video I answered a part of the question– tips on staying raw while traveling. Tomorrow’s episode I’ll talk about what to do when other’s don’t approve and what to do while traveling or being with other people who aren’t raw. Its great questions because we are all faced with this and it good to be prepared!!!

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