Easy Exercise Ideas, Ep23

We all know that exercise is super important to maintain good health and be radiant!! But sometimes its easier said than done– we make excuses, we put it off to another day or we just avoid it completely. Today I give you some tips on how you can slip some exercise into your daily life and ways to make exercise enjoyable and suit you and your lifestyle!

Easy Exercise Ideas, Ep23

Today’s Food:

1 Litre green smoothie (spinach, nectarines, strawberries, mangos)

5 Cups cherries

1/2 Pint blueberries

Cauliflower & Hemp Seed/Spinach Dip (hemp seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, onion, garlic, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, celtic sea salt)

tahini & honey

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

1 hour running

4 thoughts on “Easy Exercise Ideas, Ep23

  1. Again, loved your ideas!
    Here is why i think routine is so vital. For me routine= habit. Simple as that. It might be hard to get into the habit or routine of exercising first, but boy, once you get going, it is like a drug and you will want to do more and more.
    I personally do some rebounding, walking and hoola hooping every day and love it. Really wish I could do more and one day I will, but for now this is serving me the best.

  2. My grandfather is 101– he swears by routine (and still walks a minimum of 30 minutes a day– on his own!!!!)
    I love that you do hoola hooping– thats awesome!!!!! You rock Ildiko!!

  3. Well, beleive it or not, in my youth (previous youth I mean) I lost a ton of weight be just doing the hoop! I love it, it takes so little place and I can “rock” out to my favourite songs. MInd you, I do have a professional hoola hoop, got on the net.
    It is awsome!

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