Raw Food Recipe-Vegetable Nori Rolls, Ep18

Today I have a treat for you! But first I just want to thank everyone who left words of encouragement regarding yesterday’s video on my frustration with my weight loss. I really really appreciate all the comments left on the blog, youtube and emailed to me— it really lifted my spirit and helped me to put my discouragement aside and continue on, no matter what!

So as a gift back to you, today I’ve done a little demo on my favorite lunch recipe– super fast & easy, Vegetable Nori Rolls. Below is the recipe and video demo.


Vegetable Nori Rolls

Raw Nori sheets

Romaine Lettuce



Red Bell Pepper

Cherry Tomatoes

Green Onions

Celtic Sea Salt

(you can also include julienned carrots, snow peas, cucumber, red onion, celery, etc..)

Raw Food Recipe-Vegetable Nori Rolls, Ep18

Today’s Food:

2 pints blueberries

4 Cup Cherries

1 Watermelon & Lemon Smoothie

4 Vegetable Nori Rolls (nori, sprouts, lettuce, onion, bell pepper, grape tomatoes, celtic sea salt)

1 Cup green smoothie (persimmon, blueberries, spinach)

mesquite/cacao treat (mesquite, cacao powder, stevia, coconut oil, tahini)

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

3 thoughts on “Raw Food Recipe-Vegetable Nori Rolls, Ep18

  1. i’ve just made this smoothie:

    – 2 bananas
    – 1 big handful of green lettuce
    – 1/2-1 cup raspberries
    – 1/2-1 cup water

    best green smoothie i’ve ever had!
    have a great day! i love your videos!



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