Weigh-in & Weight Loss Frustration and Support, Ep17

Today I had my weigh-in and to be honest, I was soooo frustrated with my results!! I got the tape measure out as well to take my measurements– the scale won’t move, but again this week I’ve lost a few inches!!!! (check out ‘Weight Loss Progress Page on my blog– I’ve updated my weekly measurements and weigh-in). Despite the fact that the scale didn’t move much this week, I realized I need to gain perspective on the overall process– its now been a month and I have lost 9 pounds in total and 3 to 4 inches off my overall physique– that is fantastic!!!!

So today’s episode is about my weigh-in, my reaction and what I did to help me move forward and continue. The whole weight loss journey is full of ups and downs, but what is most important is to never give up.

Weigh-in & Weight Loss Frustration and Support, Ep17

Today’s Food:

1 litre green smoothie (kale, bananas, blueberries, dulse, hemp seeds)

1 pint blue berries

5 Cups grapes

1 cantaloupe melon

Today’s Exercise:

1 hr running

4 thoughts on “Weigh-in & Weight Loss Frustration and Support, Ep17

  1. Hi Natasha great video. 9 lbs in one month is not bad at all. May be you should completely stay away from high sugar fruits lie bananas and grapes and focus more on vegetable juices with berries. You can add some ginger and lemon to your veg juice. Ginger and lemon takes that green taste away and makes it more palatable. good luck .

  2. Hi Natasha,
    Remember that the scale just reads a number. Think about how you are really feeling and how your clothes fit. Your videos are great and inspiring!

  3. @Bella
    Thank You so much Bella for your suggestions– I really appreciate it!!! I will give it a try and have more low glycemic fruits. I experimented last fall with Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s low fruit raw diet and didn’t do well on it at all!! It left me very tired, especially because I do a lot of cardio exercise everyday, I do need the sugars as fuel. But I will take it easy on the bananas and increase berries and cherries and see how that goes. I will let you know!!
    Thank You!!!

  4. @Audrey
    Thank You Audrey for your encouragement, I really appreciate it. Yes, I do have to concentrate on the inches lost and not on the scale– I know the numbers will come down!!!!! Soon soon soon!!!

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